Division of property according to divorce and cohabitation dissolution.

If you or your spouse wants to dissolve your marriage, several issues arise that must be resolved. If you have children in common, this issue must be resolved when you will no longer live together. One of the spouses may also wish to live alone in the joint home for a transitional period. After a divorce, your joint estate must also be dissolved, and a division of property carried out. Questions about maintenance allowance for a spouse can also arise or due to the marriage being dissolved.

Even when the cohabitation relationship is dissolved, questions about the joint home are raised, a cohabitation division is to be carried out and disputes can arise about joint children and about the joint home. There is a difference between a division of property due to divorce and a division of property after a cohabitation separation.

We can assist in all matters related to a divorce or a cohabitation settlement and safeguards your rights and supports you through the process.