In connection with a separation between parents who have joint children, discussions usually arise about who the child should live with, how the other parent should have contact with the child or who should have custody of the child. Questions about maintenance for the child can also be raised. Lawyer Jessica Sandberg has long and solid experience of these cases and has assisted parents in difficult custody and contact disputes. The law firm makes sure that you and your child's rights are safeguarded and that the child's best interests are in focus. We assist parents to draw up an agreement at the law firm about the child or if the parents cannot agree to represent a parent in a dispute about the child in court.

Lawyer Jessica Sandberg also has extensive experience of representing parents in these cases with an international connection where, for example, a parent can live abroad, and the child can be connected to other countries. Among other things, she assists clients in international custody disputes in the United States.

In disputes about children, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible that can guide the parent on how best to proceed in order to achieve the best possible solution for the parent and the child.