Criminal Cases

You can choose us as a public defender.

A public defender is appointed by the district court. If you are summoned for questioning as a suspect in a crime, you have the right to request a public defender and can choose which lawyer you want. The only condition is that the lawyer can undertake the case.

We undertake assignments as public defenders in all types of criminal cases. We always do our utmost to ensure that our clients' rights are respected by police, prosecutors and judges.

A defense attorney's mission is to "protect the suspect's rights with zeal and care and to this end work for the correct explanation of the matter". In other words, it is about you as a client receiving fair treatment. We always ensure that our clients have a lawyer or paralegal with them during police interviews or other important investigative measures, regardless of the size of the case. We have full confidentiality, represent you and your attitude to the crime and put your needs first.

Who has the right to a public defender?

The conditions for obtaining a public defender are regulated in the Code of Judicial Procedure, Chapter 21. 3 a §. If the suspect is arrested or detained, a public defender must be appointed for him, if he so requests.

A public defender shall also be appointed on request for a person suspected of a crime, for which no lesser punishment than imprisonment for six months is provided. In addition, public defenders shall be appointed:

  • if the suspect is in need of a defender with regard to the investigation of the crime,
  • if a defender is needed in view of the fact that it is doubtful which sanction should be chosen and there is a reason
  • to impose a sanction other than a fine or conditional sentence or such sanctions jointly, or
  • if there are otherwise special reasons regarding the suspect's personal circumstances or to what the case concerns.