Plaintiff's Counsel

If you have been the victim of a crime or suffered damage as a result of a crime, you are most often entitled to a plaintiff's counsel who protects your interests during the legal process and also protects your rights to indemnity as a result of the crime. It is often very burdensome for a crime victim to undergo a legal process due to the crime they have been affected by. The law firm has extensive experience of difficult criminal proceedings and helps and supports plaintiffs throughout the process and ensures that the plaintiff's rights are safeguarded and ensures that the process is as gentle as possible for the victim. An important part of the process is that you as a plaintiff must receive compensation for your injuries and also receive damages for the crime to which you have been exposed.

If you have suffered damage as a result of a crime may also be entitled to compensation from various insurances. The law firm also assists you with requesting compensation from the insurance companies that may be relevant.

Attorney Jessica Sandberg is often required to be the plaintiff's counsel for crime victims and has, among other things, helped victims in murder trials, violent and sexual crimes and represented children who have been exposed to crime in various ways. As a complainant, you have the right to choose which lawyer you want to represent you as your complainant's adviser.

Victims of crime abroad

The law firm also represents victims of crime who have been exposed to crime abroad. Swedish crime victims have the right to receive legal aid in Sweden and with the help of a lawyer to hire site representatives abroad. We can help with this and we assist and support you who have been exposed from here in Sweden and are involved and support you in the legal process in the other country.

We have a specially developed collaboration with women's shelters and legal colleagues in France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, England and the USA. We can also accept you who have been the victim of crime in these countries. Contact us for more information.