Legal Protection/Legal Aid

The main rule is that you have the right to use the legal protection in your home insurance when you need financial assistance in a family law dispute.

Legal protection
Advokatbyrån bistår med att ansöka om att du ska få utnyttja ditt rättsskydd i din hemförsäkring. Du kommer själv att få erlägga en självrisk och vad den uppgår till beror på vilket försäkringsbolag du har. Detta kommer advokatbyrån att gå igenom med dig ifall du beviljas rättskydd.

Legal aid
If you cannot get legal protection, you may instead be entitled to legal aid. In that case, the law firm will help you to apply for legal aid. In cases where you are granted legal aid, the state is responsible for most of your legal costs. The costs are then covered by the state and you only pay a legal aid fee of 2–40%. The size of the fee depends on your finances.

In cases where you would not be covered by legal protection, legal aid or other state compensation, the law firm tells you what hourly fee you should pay for your case. The total cost then depends on how many working hours your case requires.

Assistant in criminal cases
If Attorney Jessica Sandberg has been appointed as a plaintiff's counsel for you, the state will cover your costs for your help in the legal process.

Read more about legal aid on the National Courts Administration's website.